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Darin Seim

Darin Seim

Recently there has been some discussion and questions that have come up about the MSDS sheets on our site.  We want you to better understand why MSDS are provided and what information, procedures and data they are required to convey. Our MSDS for encaustic calls out specific colors by name only if they are considered hazardous.  Otherwise you will see language as in section 2 that reads:

This past June at the 6th Annual International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, I had the opportunity to sit in on Richard’s session about the adhesive properties of different substances and their compatibility with encaustic paints and mediums.  There was an abundance of information about a variety of different materials and it was all pulled from real-world testing done here at R&F.   (Read more about testing here)   One thing that really struck me more than anything else is that it is not the binder that dictates whether or not a ground is suitable for encaustic - it is how you use it.

September 08, 2013

Color with Intent

Richard Frumess began making a relatively obscure medium (encaustic paint) in 1982. With his curiosity, the love of materials, and sheer stubbornness Richard has created a company that has served artists for over 25 years.

January 16, 2013

Gameday at R&F

Paintmaker Matt Kelly shares a day in the life at R&F making encaustic paint and Pigment Sticks: