Modeled, Carved, & Cast: 3-D Encaustic

Class Level: Novice

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Wax is an inviting and versatile sculpting material. In this four-day class, students will experience two methods for working with wax that will produce a series of objects. Our first approach will be creating a reusable mold out of silicone rubber to make wax castings. With the cast results from the mold, we will explore a variety of structural options including attaching objects in wax to other surfaces and attaching castings to one another. The second method we employ is working with an armature and looking at wax as a transformative material using paper and fabric. Soldering is a safe approachable way to a produce long lasting, strong support to create lightweight, airy work. Both methods can be used to create freestanding work or mounted pieces on panels. 

We will begin with some basic techniques in hand building and working with soft substrates like fabric to get familiar with using the wax as a material that can be manipulated by hand. On the second day we will start our mold making project using a model of your choosing, in between layers of the mold we will also be constructing our armature projects. The third day will be dedicated to casting and working over our prepared armature pieces. The fourth day will be a dedicated work day with time for one on one technical help. The final day will be dedicated to finishing projects and safely packing work for transport. 

 Topics Covered:

  • Moldmaking and Casting
  • Armature building
  • Working with soft substrates
  • Incorporating other materials


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