Paper Lithography with Encaustic and Pigment Sticks

Class Level: Beginner-Novice.

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In this class students make mixed media work that combine encaustic painting with transferred imagery using Pigment Sticks. The transfer process used is called paper lithography. This simple printmaking technique uses a toner or laser printed image as the printing plate by adding a solution of water and gum Arabic to the surface. We replace traditional inks with Pigment Sticks giving participants a palette of 105 colors to play with. Instructor Leslie Giuliani will present the best techniques for successful layering of imagery over a waxed surface. Students are welcome to bring images of all varieties to test the bounds of this process, including drawings, illustrations and photographs. A toner printer is available for creating fresh plates. Participants will leave class able to continue this process as home without needing a press or other specialized equipment. All levels are welcome. Click the title above to read more.

Techniques Covered:

  • Health and safety, including ventilation.
  • Preparing an encaustic surface.
  • Poured surface.
  • Paper litho transfer.
  • Mixed media and collage
  • Image transfer
  • Printmaking applications


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Instructor: Leslie Giuliani
Price: $150.00