Encaustic Prints to the Next Level

Class Level: Intermediate-Advanced.

To participate in this class you must register before July 20th 2017. 

Encaustic Printmaking to the Next Level begins as a primer to the encaustic monotype and progresses to an exploration of the more advanced techniques involved in producing repeatable images while printing with wax. This class will expose participants to a wide variety of papers, tools, process and ideas and engage participants in varied technical process with an emphasis on adapting that process to take their encaustic prints to the next level. Students begin by revisiting the basics and variables of the encaustic monotype: heat, paint, paper and pressure. They then build on those basic principles to explore techniques such as additive and subtractive process, trace monotype, stenciling, cold composition and varied advanced techniques that explore how to control line, placement, color, saturation and registration. Students will learn to fine tune and nuance their printed images from start to finish. Participants can expect to create a wide variety of prints during this class encompassing a varied range of technical and intuitive process. Click the title above to read more. 

Please note there is a materials fee of $37 per student which will supply full sheets of all required papers for the class. No additional materials will be required, however extra paper will be on hand for those who would like to work with more sheets.  

Techniques Explored:

  • The basic variables of encaustic printmaking: Heat, Paint, Paper, Pressure and Process
  • Trace Monotype, additive and subtractive process
  • Cold Composition and registration
  • Using different stencil materials to control line, placement and saturation
  • Organizing, building and printing a complex, multi-pass print from start to finish
  • Mounting and presentation ideas

Paper provided in materials fee:

  • Kozo Natural 
  • Sakamoto Natural 
  • Kitakata Natural 
  • Rives BFK White
  • Rives Light Weight White
  • Johannot White










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