Encaustic Collagraph on Washi and Waterleaf Papers

Class Level: Novice-Advanced.

To participate in this class you must register before June 20th 2017

This is a workshop for artists interested in combing encaustic with collographic printmaking techniques. Merging platemaking methods of layering, incising, scraping, stamping with the brushing of hot wax on a surface reveals all the gestural marks of the tool and brush to create texture and depth in the final printed work. Using substrates such as Plexiglas and Yupo, participants will explore printing by hand on Kozo (Japanese paper) and absorbent fine art papers using both relief and intaglio methods. Innovative approaches will include shaped plates, installation work, and artist book possibilities along with learning multiple color plate printing, transparent inking strategies and chine colle applications. Soy base and water washable inks will be used throughout. This class includes demonstrations, techniques comparisons, lectures and critiques.  Artists who work with encaustic or ink are encouraged to broaden their studio practice by participating in this innovative fusion of wax and print. Click on the title above read more. 

Please note there is a materials fee of $60 per student which will supply full sheets of all required papers for the class. 

The Awagami Factory is partially sponsoring this workshop by generously providing a selection of papers for the students to work on.

 Techniques Covered: 

  • Creating wax plates on plexi and Yupo
  • Platemaking with: brushing; stamping waxed objects; and impressing objects in wax
  • Layering wax
  • Incising surfaces and drypoint
  • Using stencils and tapes 
  • Pouring
  • Cutting shaped plates from Yupo/
  • Using hot tools, irons and flow pens
  • Hand Printing techniques including: registration; dampening; inking in relief; intaglio; Chine Colle
  • Using shaped and multiple plate printing
  • Exploring transparent layering 


Provided by the $60 Materials Fee:

  • Yupo (1 pad)
  • Arches 88 waterleaf paper (2 Sheets)
  • Kozoshi Natural (2 sheets)
  • Masa paper (1 Sheet)
  • Akua Intaglio Ink Hansa Yellow Ink
  • Akua Intaglio Ink Crimson Red Ink 
  • Akua Intaglio Ink Phthalo Green
  • Akua Intaglio Ink Phthalo Blue
  • Akua Intaglio Ink Black 
  • Akua transparent base
  • Charbonnel Aqua Wash Black Ink 




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