Encaustic: A Process of Natural Wonder

Class Level: Intermediate - Advanced 

This class is now FULL, please call 845.331.3112 if you would like to be added to the wait-list.

This 3-day encaustic workshop is all about experimentation. Working with simple hand tools and excavational techniques, this class will focus on processes that parallel those found in the natural world, such as friction, embedding, heating and cooling, enfolding, fracturing, slippage, and erosion. With process as our metaphorical touchstone, we will take a hands on approach to a number of projects intended to lead to the discovery of curious cause and effect relationships. Participants can expect to come away from the workshop with a unique collection of both two and three dimensional objects. This class is best suited for intermediate to advanced students, with a desire to expand the horizons of both the materials and their own technical repertoire.

  • Painting and fusing on panels to build up layers of color
  • Carving, scraping, and lifting painted layers off of the panel to create sculptural elements
  • Embedding elements
  • Pouring in multi-colored layers
  • Monotypes from customized paint blocks

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