Encaustic Works: Nuance

Encaustic Works: Nuance is the latest in R&F’s evolving Encaustic Works series, which began as a tiny juried exhibit in 1997, grew into a large and popular juried biennial exhibit held in university galleries, and then, in 2012, transitioned into an international juried exhibition-in-print. Always interested in staying ahead of the curve, yet not wanting to break the continuum of this series, we have decided to leave the juried part behind and just go straight for the most interesting contemporary work in wax, presented as a beautifully curated exhibition in book form.

Encaustic Works: Nuance is curated by artist, Michelle Stuart and contains work by Jody Alexander, Marlene Alt, Petah Coyne, Lorrie Fredette, Sandy Gellis, Lorraine Glessner, Kathy Goodell, Gail Gregg, Hiroyuki Hamada, Kate Hunt, Heather Hutchison, Brenda Mallory, Michael Marshall, Sara Mast, Don Maynard, Catherine Nash, Mark Perlman, Paul Rinaldi, and Penelope Stewart.

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