Brad Ellis

Q&A with Brad Ellis & Gallery Director Laura Moriarty

LM: What is the motivation behind your work?

BE: With each series or new body of work the motivation for me is always the same in that first and foremost, I HAVE to make art. It's a way of life for me and I feel very fortunate to be able to do so. I'm motivated to work in a way that allows me to do paintings in different series and to work on several pieces at once. As an abstract painter there are so many ways to explore the act of picture making and that journey makes creating art a very exciting and rewarding experience.

LM: What do you value most about your studio practice?

BE: My studio is a detached structure near my house so it's very convenient for me to work when I want to night or day. I value the opportunity that I have to be in my studio on a daily basis in order to develop a consistency and a process to making art that is recognizable as my own. 

LM: How do you know when a piece is successful?

BE: Simply said, when everything works. For my paintings the overall composition must have the right balance with shape, form and line all in harmony with color, texture and surface treatments. I always live with my paintings for a while before I let them go to give them a little time to breath and for me to make sure they are ready to leave the studio. 

LM: You have been working all your life as an artist. How important is outside approval i.e prizes, reviews?

BE: As an artist, I often times spend many hours working in the studio for weeks and months on end and at times it's easy to think that no one knows what I'm doing or if I'm even out there making art. It can be a somewhat lonely occupation at times so it is nice to be recognized for your work when that time comes. Exhibitions, reviews, awards and grants are all nice affirmations for one's artistic endeavors.

LM: Do you have any upcoming shows or events?

BE: I just wrapped up a show in Dallas at Craighead Green Gallery. I'm working to finalize dates for upcoming shows at Lew Allen Contemporary in Santa Fe, Rosenbaum Contemporary in Boca Raton, and Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta.

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