R&F Permanent Collection

R&F began to acquire artwork from our gallery exhibitions in the early 1990’s because we loved the artwork so much and wanted to nurture the artists who created it.  The collection has grown over the years to also include the work of artists who come here to teach. We think of our permanent collection as a kind of time capsule that documents our own history through the art that we have shown. It is a beautiful and constant reminder of the wonderful artists we have worked with over the years.

Artist featured in the R&F Permanent Collection:

Rifka Angel
Francisco Benitez
Michael Billie
David A. Clark
Cat Crotchett
Charles Forsberg
Kevin Frank
Elise Frida
Diana Gonzalez Gandolfi
Abby Goldstein
Gail Gregg
Julie Hedrick
William Knight
Michelle Marcuse
Alexandre Masino
Joanne Mattera
Don Maynard
Richard Merkin
Wayne Montecalvo
Laura Moriarty
Nancy Natale
Denise Orzo
Leigh Palmer
Rick Purdy
Sarah Rehmer
Paula Roland
Raul Serrano
Russell Thurston
Pamela Wallace
Cynthia Winika