Cumulative Force

The R&F Gallery is pleased to present a four-person exhibition entitled, Cumulative Force. This exhibition features work by Erin Anfinson, Karen Freedman, Paul Rinaldi and Russell Thurston. Cumulative Force describes the force that acts upon a specific object. In this case, the objects are paintings. The four artists featured in this show approach the concept of accumulation in their own way.

Erin Anfinson (Murfreesboro, TN) is influenced by environments in flux, narratives of evolution and the human tendency to interfere with processes of nature. Since the birth of her son in 2008, her definition of “environment” has turned to her immediate home surroundings. Her works were made in a playful effort to reflect on the strange beauty of a stubbornly Sisyphean domestic nuisance: dirty laundry. These piles of soiled garments are a concrete representation of an evolutionary process and its grotesque nature.

Karen Freedman’s (North Wales, PA) Kaleidoscoptical series is made up of sub-sets of paintings that are generated from a specific design matrix. Varying the colors and the order in which the elements are layered allows for an unlimited series of paintings within these sets, which although united by an identical matrix can, once assembled, appear unrelated.  Her process, like a kaleidoscope, repeats itself over and over, but each result is unique.

Paul Rinaldi (Chicago, IL) makes process paintings, created through the buildup of many thin applications of paint. The layering of paint is like the layering of time—moments passing into days, then weeks, months and years—the immediacy of the present perpetually slipping into the past. The artist’s process alludes to cycles of building and destruction inherent both in the unfolding of the human drama and in the workings of nature. The paintings at times contain the whispers of footsteps and fingerprints, enveloping fields and eroding structures, barriers and bridges, scarred walls, resilient and transitional forms, emergence, growth, and decline.

Russell Thurston (Santa Fe, NM) states that if he had not become an artist, he would have been a scientist. Thurston paints in order to better understand the nature of things, and considers every painting an experiment. He works with a combination of materials including encaustic, oils, tar mastic, dry pigments and other media. Objects, like actual butterflies, toys, flowers or microchips, get embedded in paint. Whether bringing order to chaos or chaos to order, layers get covered and then scraped off in the spirit of discovery. Sometimes the work becomes a mirror reflecting a world he is trying to make sense of; other times it’s a window into a place he’d like to escape to.

The Gallery at R&F in Kingston promotes the various contemporary uses of oil paint and encaustic.  The Gallery space is housed within the factory of R&F Handmade Paints, which is one of the few manufacturers of encaustic paint in the world.  Located at 84 Ten Broeck Ave, in midtown Kingston, NY gallery hours are Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm.  For further information, call (845) 331-3112.

  • Reception: Saturday, May 25th, 5-7pm
  • Start Date: Saturday, 25 May 2013
  • End Date: Saturday, 20 July 2013
  • Archive: 2013