Anne Surprenant: Out of the Blue

The Gallery at R&F is pleased to present Out of the Blue, a solo exhibition by Kingston's own Anne Surprenant.  In her most recent work, "Out of the Blue", artist Anne Surprenant explores the ways in which we experience distance. That is, the kind of experience that is almost imperceptible [discreet] and then very suddenly and overtly upon someone, somewhere. Surprenant uses Drone aircraft to embody this 'hanging in the balance'; push a button in Vegas and the impact is felt halfway around the world. 

The void between an action taken in a small dark room and its implication is revealed on a small blue screen. The depictions of these new American Beauties; the Drone float on the pictures surface as inertly as do the images on the nightly news. Perhaps they inform us in some way but at best serve to embolden us to believe in an experience which is not our own.

The Gallery at R&F in Kingston promotes the various contemporary uses of oil paint and encaustic. The Gallery space is housed within the factory of R&F Handmade Paints, which is one of the few manufacturers of encaustic paint in the world. Located at 84 Ten Broeck Ave, in midtown Kingston, NY gallery hours are Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm. For further information, call (845) 331-3112.

  • Reception: Saturday, December 3rd, 5-7pm
  • Start Date: Saturday, 03 December 2011
  • End Date: Saturday, 21 January 2012
  • Archive: 2012