R&F and Ampersand Art Supply proudly introduce Encausticbord™, the only ready-to-use paint surface formulated for the unique demands of encaustic painting. This creative collaboration between R&F and Ampersand began in 2008 when the two manufacturers started working together to dream up the perfect surface for encaustic paints.

Encausticbord's specially formulated gesso is applied to Ampersand's sealed Hardbord™ panel to form a bright, smooth, velvety surface that is ready to use for encaustic painting. The ground is not only heat resistant and highly absorbent, it holds tight to layers of wax without the fear of cracking or separation. Use it with encaustic paint alone or with collage, image transfer and oil sticks to create incredible textures, colors and patterns.

For more information: www.ampersandart.com