Pigment Stick Safety

R&F Pigment Sticks are pure oil paint without filler, additives, or driers making them safer to use. Eliminating the need for solvents, also makes using our Pigment Stick safer.

Some Pigment Sticks contain pigments that are carcinogenic upon ingestion (breathing, eating, absorption through abrasions on skin). These pigments include: cadmiums | cobalts | chromium oxides.
Linseed Oil is flammable and it a key component to the Pigment Sticks. Rags and materials soaked with Linseed Oil and solvents may also smolder while drying and are quite flammable in general. Use metal waste cans with a lid. This will reduce the risk of fire by smothering any potential flames. Pouring water on the garbage will also lower the chance of fire. Regular changing of the garbage will help as well.

Although pigment particles are too large to be absorbed through the pores in the skin, pigment will be absorbed through any abrasions that may be on the skin. It is recommended that you use a Barrier cream or gloves when working with Pigment Sticks.

Do not eat, smoke, drink or hold painting brushes/tools in your mouth while painting. Always wash your hands before doing any of these things if you have been working with the Pigment Sticks.
Ventilation is not necessary unless solvents are being used with the Pigment Sticks. Many times, oils can replace solvents for cleaning and for mediums. Separate studio space from living space. This will not only reduce overall long–term exposure to toxic artists materials, it will in the case of a serious fire, spare your living quarters.