Encaustic Painting Tips - Application

Watch a short video on the application of encaustic paint.


Encaustic Tips - Soy Wax

Learn more about how to use soy wax to clean your brushes and heated palette.


Encaustic Tips - Encaustic Medium

This video demonstrates how simple it is to use encaustic medium to get more mileage from your paint.

tinting R&F Encaustic Gesso

A quick example of how you can tint our gesso to achieve different colored grounds for your encaustic painting. In this case, we used a small amount of Golden Fluid Acrylics to achieve a lovely lavender color.

Encaustic sample painting

See a painting created from start to finish by one of our instructors.


Encaustic Tips - Fusing

R&F helps you paint like a pro, with these simple tricks for perfect fusing every time.


Q&A with richard: color

Our first in a series of Q&A videos. In this video, we discuss how and why we make certain colors.

Q&A with richard: Microcrystalline

The 2nd Q&A with Richard in which he talks a bit about Microcrystalline Waxes and how they are not all created equal.

Q&A with richard: Re-heating Encaustic

One of a series of Q&A videos. We discuss the heating and reheating of encaustic paint and how we are continually testing materials.

pronunciation guide for R&F Paints

How do you say Phthalo Green or Malachite? A short guide made in response to our friends at Rhinebeck Artist Shop.

color with intent - the story of R&F

Richard Frumess describes how R&F came to be - from 1982 to the present day. This video was made in 2013 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of R&F.

Q&A with Richard: On Ventilation

We get so many questions about ventilation. This one is about whether one needs an extra fan to "push" fumes toward your ventilation or exhaust fan.

Richard on Cadmium

An interesting historical snapshot of the development of cadmium. Originally shot as part of Color with Intent in honor of R&F’s 25th anniversary.