Encaustic Paint Displays

R&F Encaustic paints are available in 40 ml, 104 ml and 333 ml sizes. Three unique display case options are available. Download information about encaustic paint display options here.

Pigment Stick® Displays

Pigment Sticks® are available in 38 ml, 100 ml and 188 ml sizes. Unique display case assortments are available for each size. We also offer a 38 ml Pigment Stick® Side Rack Extension Assortment to customers with the former Full Line 38 ml Pigment Stick® Assortment. Download information about Pigment Stick® display options here. Information about our Pigment Stick® Side Rack Extension can be found here.


Store Demos

Demonstration Events are designed to give your customers and staff an opportunity to experience R&F Handmade Paints firsthand. These events are a great way to introduce our product line into your store, to assist in the training of staff and to showcase our paint lines at store-wide events. For more information or to schedule a store demo, contact Dietlind Vander Schaaf at dietlind@rfpaints.com or call 1-800-206-8088.