Pigment Stick® Supports

The term “support” refers to the foundation, or backing, on which the actual painting surface (ground) is applied. Pigment Sticks® can be used on any ground suitable for use with traditional tube oil paint. Normally that means a sized canvas, panel, or paper. Ampersand’s Gessobord™ is ideal because of its dimensional stability. More absorbent surfaces like clay coated papers or Ampersand’s Encausticbord™ will cause the paint to dry faster and leave a matte finish that is preferable to some painters. When thoroughly dry, Pigment Sticks® can be varnished just as you would an oil painting.

Sizing: As in oil painting, all canvas and paper surfaces should be sized. To size, use one or two coats of acrylic gesso, acrylic medium, or PVA sizing. Other options include: rabbit skin glue and shellac.

Grounds: Any ground (ie: gesso) suitable for traditional oil paint can be used with R&F Pigment Sticks®.

Recommended supports for Pigment Sticks® include: stretched canvas; paper; clay-coated paper; Ampersand’s Encausticbord™ or Gessobord™; lauan, plywood, or masonite panels; copper, iron, or aluminum; glass; and plexiglas.