pigment stick drying times

Richard and Darin talk about things that affect the drying rates of R&F Pigment Sticks. Easily the most common question we get about Pigment Sticks.

Encaustic and pigment stick production

A glimpse behind the scenes at our factory.

Charles forsberg - Painting demos

Charles Forsberg demonstrates how R&F Pigment Sticks are both a drawing and painting medium like no one else. He frequently returns to drawing, forcefully striking marks into the heavily manipulated buttery paint, then tearing it apart, alternating in a push-pull sequence of drawing and smearing, scraping back, revealing previous drawing marks, and piling what he has scraped up into thick sculptural mounds.

Painting becomes an amazing and unceasing gestural exercise over many hours, as Forsberg turns the formless ooze he started with into a powerful structure of shapes and sharply accented marks. www.charlesforsberg.com/