Unique Color: a note on light*

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Unique Color:

a note on light*

Notes on the R&F Paint Making Process

Pretty early on in the discussions of our new website we began throwing around ideas about how we might capture and convey color in a different, more unique way. But how? We knew we wanted to move beyond the dry technicality of the ‘color swatch’. The flat square most of us are accustomed to seeing online and in print may suggest color but hardly captures the true, studio experience of light landing on fresh paint. Most paint manufacturers (us included) go to great lengths to inform the artist of the care and skill they employ to make their color – the premium ingredients and technology, the expertise – yet it’s rare to hear mention of arguably the most important ingredient in color and that is, of course,  light*.  

Light on top and through and bouncing back – that is the true story of color. So with that in mind we decided to put it front and center and photographed our entire color line, our ‘color swatches’,  in the natural light of our production facility so that you, the artist, can be in the room with us at 84 Ten Broeck to experience color as we do. To move around it, to negotiate glare and nuance, to allow it to reveal the true nature of what makes color – color. We hope you enjoy.  Keep Painting.