From The Collection: Lynette Haggard

Lynette Haggard,  Unfolded #3 , encaustic and cardboard on panel, 2015

Lynette Haggard, Unfolded #3, encaustic and cardboard on panel, 2015

The second in our “From The Collection” series is Unfolded #3 by artist Lynette Haggard. One of several pieces from Lynette’s 2015 solo exhibition at R&F, Frames of Reference, Unfolded #3 is an exploration of the structure within a grid, as well as the grid’s relationship to a light and indeterminate space.

Lynette, who currently lives and works in a suburb of Boston, received her BFA in Painting from Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts). Her work has been exhibited widely during the past twenty years and is included in collections ranging from the New Britain Museum of American Art to Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2018, Lynette was the recipient of a fellowship to the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. She has served as a panelist and a presenter at the International Encaustic Conference and was a featured artist at, an international online scholarly resource and curatorial project that focuses on the use of geometric form and structure in contemporary abstract art.

Over the past decade, Lynette has developed parallel bodies of work that explore modern abstraction. Her paintings address issues of complex spatial relationships, geometry, and color interactions. Her assemblage and sculpture utilize consumer detritus, such as paper and cardboard. With inspiration that draws upon connected shapes, scored folds and flaps, typography, and graphic signage, as well as a focus on texture and patina, Lynette’s work reveals a particular pleasure in the way edges meet and intersect.

Lynette Haggard,  Rhythmo Box #1

Lynette Haggard, Rhythmo Box #1

The Unfolded paintings in Frames of Reference developed out of an earlier series Lynette created called Rhythmo Boxes, which were wall objects that explored the rectangle and box forms. Several of the Rhythmo Boxes (including the one above) were included in the exhibition.

Frames of Reference demonstrated the evolution of Lynette’s work into a more geometric and hard-edged aesthetic than found in previous work. You can view more of Lynette’s work on her website

Exhibition view of Lynette’s 2015 solo exhibition Frames of Reference.

Exhibition view of Lynette’s 2015 solo exhibition Frames of Reference.

It is an honor for R&F to support artists by purchasing their work and including it in our collection. And if you find yourself headed to Kingston, let us know and we’ll show you around our collection in person.

Keep painting.