Saturday Lab: Pigment Stick and Encaustic | Nov 9


Saturday Lab: Pigment Stick and Encaustic | Nov 9


Class Level: Novice-Intermediate. This class repeats every month. 

The Saturday Lab is a half-day workshop, giving artists a taste of what's possible when using the R&F paint lines. With encouragement toward a self-directed approach to your day in the studio, the instructor will begin with a showcase of alternative techniques for Pigment Sticks and encaustic, including methods for painting with Pigment Sticks; alternative /nontraditional surfaces to work on, including glass; collage elements; image layering; and printmaking options. Participants then have the option of breaking away from the formal demonstrations and pursue your own interests. If you would like a refresher on basic techniques the instructor will conduct demonstrations as requested. Artists from all varieties of backgrounds will have an opportunity to see firsthand how these materials can be used to enhance their work or start a new direction altogether. Come and experience our paints in action, 102 colors all together! 

If you have already participated in a workshop at R&F and want to work on your own, we encourage you to take advantage of having an experienced instructor on-hand to answer your technical questions. This is a short but action-packed class, a great workshop for experimentation, and an opportunity for a fresh perspective.

LocationR&F Handmade Paints (NY) 
Date: Saturday, 9 Nov 2019
Time: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Price: $ 65.00

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