Pigment Sticks®

R&F’s Pigment Sticks® are recognized as the premier oil-based painting stick, but their use goes far beyond painting alone. Printmakers, sculptors, photographers and mixed media artists have used them to break barriers between artistic disciplines. Pigment Sticks® are comprised of pure alkali refined linseed oil and purified natural plant and bee’s waxes.

They contain no driers, no fillers or adulterants and no expedients of any kind. Because we do not use short cuts, the wonderful workability of our Pigment Sticks® depends upon a very careful balance of oil, waxes and pigment. The result is an intensively pigmented, handmade, traditional artist paint. R&F’s Pigment Sticks® are currently made in 102 vibrant colors plus 2 blending sticks and blending medium. 

Size Information

  • 38 ml stick = ¾" diameter x 5” length (1.9cm x 12.7cm)
  • 100 ml stick = 1¼" diameter x 5" length (3.175cm x 12.7cm) NEW SIZE!
  • 188 ml stick = 1½" diameter x 6½" length (3.8cm x 16.5cm)