Store Demonstrations

R&F’s Demonstration Events are designed to give your customers and staff an opportunity to experience R&F Handmade Paints firsthand. These events are a great way to introduce our product line into your store, to assist in the training of staff and to showcase our paint lines at store-wide events.

Typically a demo event will run about 1 1/2 -2 hours and we provide a skilled and R&F trained artist/instructor with all the necessary materials and supplies prior to the date of the event. The instructor will arrive at your location prepped and ready-to-go.  All participants will be provided with our promotional materials (brochures, manual and printed color chart). 

It is of the utmost importance to us to partner stores with local R&F trained instructors. In many instances these artists will become an additional resource to you. 

Since we offer two distinct product lines we can provide you and your store with demos in either medium:


Encaustic Demonstration Events are designed to give interested artists a brief introduction to the encaustic process. During the demo event the instructor will speak briefly about the history of encaustic paint and will then demonstrate the different techniques one can use when working with encaustics. He/she will discuss health and safety, studio-set-up and ventilation. A demonstration event offers a relaxed environment where participants will see and experience encaustics firsthand. Topics covered will include: Equipment and tools, Supports and grounds, Layering and fusing methods, Surface effects, etc. with an R&F heated palette, heat gun, paint, brushes and Encausticbords™ to demo with and for your customers to sample.

Pigment Stick

Our Pigment Stick demonstration allows participants to explore the many possible applications of Pigment Sticks®, encompassing traditional and alternative approaches and materials. The pigment stick is the product that breaks barriers between artistic disciplines; they allow the artist to draw or paint onto a surface with an unmatched freedom and directness. This demo is a great opportunity to experience in-person the immediacy and fluidity of our oil sticks. We will cover: what are pigments sticks, health and safety, supports, transparency, building a surface, monoprinting, transfers, mark making, etc.

For more information or to schedule a demo please contact us at 800-206-8088.